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This page explains what information do we collect from our readers and audiences. The Privacy page describes the data collection, the use of your data, and more about the information that you share with us through Educationly ( The same page explains how we use your data to improve the website for better engagement and a good reading experience.

The main reason behind the collection of user data is to improve our policy. You agree with the terms and conditions set by our experts regarding the use of your personal data. You may be asked a few questions or would be provided with suggestions that need your confirmation to access our website. You may also visit the site and explore its features anonymously.

Information Collection and Use

We collect different types of information from our readers to improve our website. We analyze the data collected by the site and plan out things to improvise our website.

Cookie and Usage Data

We may collect information about how you have accessed our website. It includes the device, the web browser, the Internet connection, etc. Your computer’s Internet Protocol, i.e., IP Address, browser type, browser version, the time and date of your visit to the website, the pages that you have visited on the site, the time you have spent on the webpages, etc. As noted above, we first analyze the data collected by the system and then plan out strategies to serve you better as per your needs.

Tracking and Cookies Data

We hold certain information by using the tracking feature or the cookies feature. Post your confirmation, and the tracking tool starts collecting the information of your web activities.

Cookies carry a small amount of data as files that also include a unique identifier code to track the users’ web activities. Cookies are sent by the website owner to visitors on their web-browser’s page. The pop-up message would ask for the user’s confirmation.

Sometimes tracking technology is used to collect the web activities of the users with scripts, tags, and beacons. The tracked web activities will be analyzed by the software to know the behavior of the readers. This way we can improve our website and its policy.

You can disable the cookies option from your web browser. You can guide your web browser to ignore the cookies sent by the website to your web browser. The cookies can be managed by visiting the browser’s Settings page. If you are not accepting the cookies sent by us, you may not be able to use some of our webpages.

Let’s collect some more information about the types of cookies used by the website owners for the collection of web activities.

Different Types of Cookies

Persistent Cookies: Persistent Cookies stay on the user’s computer for the specific period set by the sender. The persistent cookie will be activated automatically to track down the user’s behavior every time he visits their website.

Session Cookies: Session Cookies are temporary files that stay for a specific session, or we can say a visit to a website. Session cookies link the browser’s activities of the user to their data collection system. Session cookies track down the entire browser’s activities of the user until he closes down the browser. Once you close down the browser, the session cookies will be deleted. You can start the browser again to stop the collection of your browser’s data from the third-parties.

Performance Cookies: Performance Cookies are sent to know the behavior of the users while accessing their website. Performance cookies are used by most website owners to improve their overall performance. They are safe and secure as they do not collect your personal information such as your name, email address, contact number, etc.

Advertising Cookies: Advertising cookies are third-party cookies sent by the advertisers on behalf of the website owner. Google, being the most popular vendor to third-party cookies, collect the user’s data to improve their ad campaigns and advertising strategies. The same strategy help partner ads to run their advertisements on their browsers whenever they open up something on the web through their computer system or mobile device. If you want to stop Advertising Cookies from Google and other third-party vendors, you can simply disable this option from the Adsetting page.

How do I control my cookies?

If you want to take full control of cookies used by the websites, then you would probably lose some access to their websites. You will also lose some functionality that may stop you from using some features and functions present on the website. You may not read out the information that you want to access if you do not accept the cookies. The list goes on and on as cookies are important for website owners.

Most web browsers accept cookies sent by the website owners automatically. The feature is turned on by default. You can change the settings of your browser to delete the cookies or can take control of the browser’s behavior that accepts cookies automatically. The browser’s settings page would let you know about the cookies accepted by you, which you can delete one by one. You can also delete the entire page by simply selecting and deleting the cookies with one go.

Besides deleting the cookies, you can also use the different options such as accepting cookies for particular websites, accept all cookies, reject all cookies, etc. Go to your browser’s Settings page, visit the preferences and options page for more information about Cookies. Or you can simply search for Cookies in the Settings page of your web browser to find out the different settings that you can customize as per your preferences.

You can find out Cookies page on the major web browser by following the links given below:

If you don’t want to get tracked by Google Analytics, then you can use the Google Analytics Opt-Out Tool that comes as a browser extension for your Google Chrome web browser. This add-on stops Google Analytics from recording your web activities.

Google Analytics Opt-Out Extension [Link]

You can also stop Google AdSense to stop collecting your web activities. By disabling this feature, Google AdSense will not be able to get your browsing information and will not show you related ads as per your Google Search.

Google AdSense Unauthenticated [Link]

Use of Data

We use the collected data from our visitors for different purposes that are listed below:

• To detect and prevent technical issues of the website
• To provide valuable information to improve the website
• To maintain the website and its design regularly
• To monitor the usage of the website
• To modify the website as per the visitor’s behavior.

Transfer of Data

Your personal information such as your name, your email ID, your contact number, your residential address may be transferred to different computer systems located in different states or jurisdictions. The data maintenance and collection laws may differ from the state where you currently live.

If you are located outside the USA and choose to provide your information to us, we transfer your personal data to the USA and process it further there to evaluate the information and to simplify our website’s navigation.

When you confirm or give your consent to this Privacy Policy, you are agreed to transfer your personal information to the USA for further process.

We take good care of your data and its safety. We do not transfer your data to religions where data security is inadequate. The security of your personal information matters most to us, and for that reason, we pay extra attention to it.

Disclosure of Data

Legal Requirements

We may disclose your personal data when there is a proper need. In the following conditions, we may disclose your data to third parties.

  • To protect and defend the rights of the Educationly (
  • To protect the user’s personal safety
  • To protect against legal liabilities
  • To comply with a legal obligation
  • To prevent wrongdoings of the services
  • To investigate wrongdoings by others

Security of Data

We take good care to secure your data collected by us. We also use security essentials to safeguard the data; however, no software or tool comes with 100% security. We claim to keep your personal data and web activities secured, but we do not guarantee you that it is 100% secured. Some security breaches may disclose your data without our knowledge. In this case, we are not the responsible persons.

Service Providers

We may use third-party resources to provide you service on our behalf of us. The third-party resources that we appoint can have access to your personal data collected by us. They use your data to simplify the process and improve their website. The third-party resources will use the data for self-improvement; your data won’t be disclosed publicly.


We may also use third-party analytics services to monitor and analyze our website traffic. We use the industry-standard analytics tools that come with good security features.

Just like every other website, we use the Google Analytics tool. Google Analytics is the world’s most popular web traffic analysis tool. It’s a product of the tech-giant Google that collects the data of the users’ web activities. The data of your web activities is shared between other Google services for further analysis.

Google may use your personal data to develop new advertising strategies within their network. They may use your data for Google AdSense’s network or just to display their advertisements on your web browser when you open your browser for accessing any website.

You can stop Google from collecting your web activities by simply installing the Google Analytics Opt-Out Add-on.

You can get more information and updates about how Google uses your web activities on their official Privacy and Policy Page. Visit this official page to read more about Google’s Privacy and Policy.

Third-Party Links

We also provide third-party links to other sites on our website which are not operated or managed by us. We recommend you read out the terms and conditions of each website that you visit first. Third-party website links that you open from our website may collect your personal information.

Children’s Privacy Policy

The services of Educationly’s website do not address children under the age of 18.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of children. The Children’s Privacy explains the collection of data, disclosure, and use. If you have found that your children have unknowingly shared their personal information with us, kindly contact us. We will manage to remove the collected data if the parents disagree.

Future Updates to Privacy Policy Page

We keep on updating this space regularly. We will send you a notification if we update our Privacy Policy.

We will send you a notification via email or pop-up ad regarding the changed Privacy Policy and the data from which it will be effective.

Contact Us

If you have any queries or questions about this Privacy Policy, please let us know through our contact us page.

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Effective Date of Privacy Policy: 1-JAN-2021