What Is the Main Purpose of Education? (HINT: It’s Not What Do You Generally Think)

education is important

The most common myth about education is to get a good job.
When you ask about the importance of education to your friends and relatives, they simply reply with the answer “to get a good job.”

If you are completely unaware of why people send their kids to schools, universities, and other educational institutes, then here we have prepared a list of the core purposes of education in today’s modern world.

Let’s get on to the list of the reasons why education is important in today’s society.

Core Purposes of Education in Today’s Modern World

There are seven purposes of education in today’s society.

Here, we will describe each purpose in brief so that you can have the best of information about each purpose.

1. Learning

The world is a big place, and there is no end to learning new skills and gaining knowledge about something. Successful people never stop learning.

If you want to achieve the desired goal in your life, then you should not stop learning. There are many platforms and resources available for free to improve your knowledge.

When it comes to learning new things and developing new skills, education comes first. Your children can learn new skills in their schools and universities about different subjects.

To develop new skills, education is important.

2. Knowledge

When you know about something, it will become easier for you to understand it. Knowledge is power, and it must be acquired by the students.

Learning new things requires some basic skills or we can say knowledge about it.

Education encourages you to improve your knowledge which ultimately makes the learning process easier.

If you want to learn to drive, then you must gain knowledge about driving a car.

Knowledge doesn’t come without education, and for that reason, education is important to gain knowledge.

3. Skills

In schools and colleges, students are taught to develop life skills. Skills are crucial to get a good job in your favorite field. If you do not have any skills, you won’t get the desired job.

Different fields require different types of skills, and for that reason, education is important.

Most schools and colleges have made the skill development subject compulsory so that students can learn about developing new skills in their desired fields.

Education plays an important role in developing new skills in students.

4. Values

Students in today’s world learn different things on digital platforms.

Values must be taught to students to respect adults, to help the needy, etc.

Students can learn the importance of acting responsibly in front of teachers and adults.

Such values make them the perfect human being.

To make them understand moral values, education is important.

5. Morals

Moral Values must be taught to students from the beginning. It plays an important role in building a good personality as they grow.

Education institutes teach students about different types of morals.

Respecting adults, teachers, and everyone else is the primary moral that you should teach to your child.

Besides this, some other morals such as respecting the region, bonding with the family, compromising, helping others, being honest, loving and caring, etc.

Education instills all of these moral values in students’ lives to make them respected human beings.

6. Beliefs

Student’s life is all about learning new things every day.

Your behavior decides your personality. If you don’t behave well, you won’t be considered a good human being.

Whatever you do in your real life is because of the beliefs.

Education helps you to know about your beliefs.

Beliefs expose your personality, and for that reason, it is important to you.

7. Habits

Habits come directly from your mind, and for that reason, they are important to living a meaningful life.

Your daily actions come from your habits. It is also considered an activity that gives you pleasure.

If you spend more time playing games on your mobile phones, that means you have developed a habit of playing the game.

Education teaches you to develop good habits so that you can achieve the desired success in your life.

Everyone wants to become a good citizen, and it comes from developing good habits through education.

Did you know?

Over 40% of students don’t require a degree to get their desired position in their favorite fields?

A study done by The Strada Institute for the Future of Work and Burning Glass found that over 40% of students have found a job without a degree.

It is just because of their skills in their particular field that come from education.

Even if you hold multiple degrees, you won’t get a good job if you don’t have skills.

Let's Read Now What King, Martin Luther, Jr. Said About The Purpose of Education In His Speech @ Morehouse College In 1947

King, Martin Luther, Jr. was a renowned activist and a spokesperson.

His statements are still encouraging people to live meaningful lives.

He taught the core meaning of education and its importance in everyone’s life.

Education is the first step to fulfilling your dreams.

An educated person is more powerful in tackling different situations in life.

In many societies, education has a different meaning.

But in King’s words, education is all about knowing the actual meaning of life.

Education encourages people to think outside of the box.

An educated person has his own opinions and beliefs.

They can think, argue and talk about issues fluently.

Education brings out the real from the unreal.

The core function of education is to make people think.

Education must be done by following the seven core purposes listed above.

The seven purposes of education are important to becoming a good and respectable nation citizen.

Wrapping it up!

Studies have shown that an educated person is more powerful, lives longer, and stays healthy throughout their life.

Education is crucial in every field and daily life.

It doesn’t mean to go to school and pass out the examinations.

But it is all about following the seven core purposes.

When you learn the seven core purposes of education, you will find the meaning of living a successful life with the help of education.

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